A fire erupted from a newly drilled borehole at Pongma Colony in Namsa town, within the Tizit area of Mon district, on 16 September 2023. Geologists suggest that the source of the fire is likely natural gas, predominantly methane, known for its high flammability.


Flames burning atop the borehole in Pongma Colony in Namsa town of Tizit area under Mon district on Saturday, 16 September.

According to locals at the scene, the landowner, Wangzing Konyak, was drilling a borehole approximately 140 feet deep when the fire ignited.


During the drilling, witnesses reported hearing sounds resembling boiling water, a noise that continues to persist throughout the colony.


While the local community managed to extinguish the fire using materials like sand and mud, they are still experiencing the persistent boiling water-like sound.


Sources from the Department of Geology & Mining in Nagaland have announced their plans to conduct an inspection tomorrow.


A source from the Department commented, “The western side of Nagaland is rich in coal deposits and natural gas. Therefore, we suspect this to be methane gas.” The source added that they can provide further insights regarding the sound and potential hazards only after the inspection.


Mokokchung Times

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