The Mokokchung District Bharat Scout and Guides (BSG) held an induction ceremony today at the Conference Room of the Deputy Commissioner’s office. The ceremony was conducted to induct key office bearers, including the District President, Secretary, Commissioner, and Chief Commissioner of Mokokchung District BSG.




In the ceremony, Tsüvisie Phoji NCS, Deputy Commissioner, was inducted as the District President of BSG Mokokchung, emphasizing the importance of administrative leadership within the organization. Jonglemdong Lkr, Senior Sub-divisional Education Officer, joined as the District Secretary of BSG Mokokchung, Anguvito Sumi, District Sports Officer, was inducted and reaffirmed as the District Commissioner for the Scout division, while Sentinenla, District Education Officer, took on the role of District Chief Commissioner.


Addressing the gathering, Phoji shared his vision for the 75th-year celebration of Bharat Scouts and Guides. He urged current members to redouble their efforts in promoting the organization and encouraging more students to join. The Deputy Commissioner also emphasized the need to expand BSG membership to include schools and educational institutes that are not yet enrolled.


Highlighting the inclusive nature of Bharat Scouts and Guides, the Deputy Commissioner stated, “BSG is not a religious or political movement; it has no barriers on any ground. In fact, it is the medium that can build bridges.”


Tovili Wati, District Organizing Commissioner (Guides), welcomed the attendees and reflected on the organization’s history in Mokokchung District. She stated that Mokokchung was the first district in Nagaland state to introduce BSG and is poised to celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2025. However, Wati expressed concern about the declining number of active members in the district, with a decrease from nine school units to only six. It was disclosed that Queen Mary Higher Secondary School, Mokokchung is the only private institution that has an active unit.


In her address, Wati urged the newly inducted office bearers to play an active role in promoting BSG among the youth, emphasizing that being part of the movement instills a sense of discipline and responsibility in young members.


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