The VISION MOKOKCHUNG 2040 is the result of a joint effort between the Mokokchung Quasquicentennial Planning & Organizing Committee and the citizens of Mokokchung, prepared by the Mayangnokcha Award Trust. In 2019, 300 copies of VISION MOKOKCHUNG 2040 were printed by the Mokokchung District Art & Culture Council (MDACC) on behalf of the people of Mokokchung, in celebration of the Quasquicentennial.

Recently, 500 copies of VISION MOKOKCHUNG 2040 was reprinted, sponsored by K Temjen Jamir, the editor, publisher and owner of the vernacular daily Tir Yimyim in commemoration of its 20th year of publication.

“The Vision Mokokchung 2040 document is such where various paper position and articles are given which gives a sense of direction and perspective for the people of what Mokokchung would be in 2040 when she celebrates her 150 years of existence,” states the Deputy Commissioner of Mokokchung Thsuvisie Phoji in his foreword, expressing his best wishes for the people of Mokokchung and a bright future as the district “embarks on this journey of progress and development with a common shared future.”

While the document was published in commemoration of 125 years of establishment of Mokokchung town, the vision encompasses the whole of Mokokchung district. As such, Mokokchung can be used interchangeably for both the district and the town. As the document is quite voluminous and quite understandably printed in limited numbers, it may not be possible for everyone to get a hard copy. However, it can be accessed and downloaded from the official website of Mokokchung district in PDF format. Visit the website and then go to the DOCUMENTS section to view or download the 4 MB document. (

The Mayangnokcha Award Trust has successfully undertaken a humongous task in preparing the document, for which we extend our gratitude and appreciation. We also admire and respect the MDACC and Tir Yimyim for printing the document.

It is now up to us, the people of Mokokchung, to put it to good use. Can we do that?

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