The Watsü Mungdang visited Changtongya Town on Thursday, organizing a ‘common platform’ for women candidates in the four wards reserved for women in the Changtongya Town Council (CTC), one of the four Urban Local Bodies under Mokokchung district. CTC comprises 11 wards, with four reserved for women.

changtongya watsu ulb
Watsü Mungdang leaders with the women candidates in Changtongya Town on Thursday, 6 June.

Across Mokokchung district’s four ULBs – Mokokchung Municipal Council, Changtongya Town Council, Mangkolemba Town Council, and Tuli Town Council – there are a total of 47 wards, 16 of which are reserved for women.
The Watsü Mungdang in a press release stated of its ongoing facilitation of ‘common platforms’ for intending women candidates in all 16 reserved wards to voice their views and promote awareness of clean elections.

The program in Changtongya, chaired by Asola Ozukum, Vice President of Watsü Mungdang, commenced with exhortation speeches from the Chairman of Changtongya Town Ward Yimden and representatives of the GB Union. Subsequently, women candidates addressed the gathering.

Notably, Arenla Longkumer, President of Watsü Mungdang, delivered a short but impactful speech, followed by Supongla Lemtur, who spoke on the importance of seat reservation for women in ULBs.

Changtongya Town’s 11 wards include four reserved for women, with a total of eight women contesting across these wards: Sentisangla and Tiamongla for the Electrical Ward, Toshimongla and Pursangla Imchen for the Sunrise Ward, Rongsenungla and Chubakumla Pongen for the Old Medical Ward, and S Talisangla and Sademmongla for the New Medical Ward.

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