Western Ao Youth Federation appeals citizens to exercise their franchise

Dimapur, February 25 (MTNews): The Western Ao Youth Federation (WAYF) has appealed to all like-minded citizens to exercise their franchise in electing the right representative who will be the voice of the people and urged voters to perform their bounden duty to prevent proxy voting and ensure clean election.


Stating that “Voting is not only our constitutional right but it is also one of the highest duties for a citizen in any democratic society,” the federation urged every eligible voter to perform this duty.


The federation also asked people to report to the helpline 8974851911 in case of any members of the community facing any act of coercion or intimidation.


The federation further appealed to all citizens to ensure free and fair election and to ensure that no law and order situation is created and reminded every voter to vote by their freewill and their conscience.

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