Dimapur, 2 August (MTNews): The Western Sumi Hoho has vehemently condemned the recent killing of a member belonging to NSCN (Akato) and abduction of three other members at Lapalampong village under Tizit area allegedly by NSCN-IM.


Stating that the culture of violence and factional killing have caused immense loss and hindered the prospect of peace, stability, and aspirations of the Nagas for early settlement, the WSH expressed that it is disheartening to witness the factional killing under Tizit area.


The WSH further expressed regret that when the Nagas have been aspiring for early solution and settlement to the Naga political issue, the NSCN-IM which has been one of the prominent stakeholders for bringing about an early solution has been involved in the recent incident.


“Such an incident undermines the progress made in the peace negotiations and early settlement to the Naga political issue which has been a long-cherished dream of every Nagas,” the WSH stated.


It further told the NSCN-IM to note that the path to lasting peace and prosperity lies in dialogue, understanding, and reconciliation and not by engaging in factional clashes.


The WSH further made it loud and clear to all Naga Political Groups that it will not tolerate any form of factional clashes or killing within its jurisdiction.


The WSH added that it will not hesitate to issue “noncooperation against any Naga Political Group found to have been involved in any form of factional clashes or killings or “in defiance to this clarion call,” and that it will not allow the group involved to operate its camps within the WSH jurisdiction.

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