Rules are rules, but only if they are enforced. Or so it seems. The authorities here often make rules, enforce them for a while and then forget about it and the people are left wondering if the rules still apply. When the authorities enforce a rule or law, and then stop enforcing it without revoking, the people tend to forget to remember that the particular rule is still in place. While the responsible citizens continue to adhere to the rule, who are few and far between, the not-so-responsible citizens forget about the rule or simply ignore the rule. The Mokokchung Municipal Council and the various ward authorities have in the past enforced a number of rules and regulations with regard to pet dogs. In fact, a number of pet owners have been fined for flouting the rules. Rules on compulsory registration and vaccination of all pet dogs are still in place because there has been no order from the authority concerned on its revocation. Similarly, dog owners are not supposed to let their pets wander out of their residences. However, a walk in the town at night is enough to show if the rules still apply or not.


These days, dogs are found roaming the streets at all times. It can be rightly claimed that there are no stray dogs in Mokokchung and, therefore, those that we see wandering are not stray dogs. This brings us to the question of responsible pet keeping. Are the pet dog owners in Mokokchung responsible enough to keep their pets without causing problems to fellow citizens who don’t keep pet dogs? The most bothersome problem caused by straying pet dogs is littering and poop. The dogs scatter the wastes in the garbage bins at night and litter is found strewn all over when dawn breaks. This is true in the case of both the main roads in the town as well as in the neighborhoods. Straying dogs are one of the major causes of litter in the town. Another major concern is the dog poop, something that is not a very pleasant sight to behold. That dog poop you find your foot in when you are out on a walk or when your children are walking to school is not a very pleasant encounter.


The authorities are reminded to enforce the rules regarding dog keeping. At the same time, pet dog owners are also expected to be more responsible. Being a responsible pet owner means also being respectful to those around you. Whenever your pet dog goes outside and leaves poop, whether on a walk or in the backyard, be sure to pick up their poop. Not only are they unpleasant to see or worse, step on, they also carry germs that could harm other individuals and animals around you. Further, make sure that your dogs don’t go out without your knowledge. It is also expected of animal lovers and animal rights activists to educate pet dog owners on their responsibilities. Meanwhile, it is also suggested that authorities procure tranquilizer guns.

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