Wokha, February 17 (MTNews): Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) National General Secretary, Spokesperson, and in-charge of the Northeast, Narendra B Verma, released the NCP Nagaland manifesto on February 17 at Hammock Resort, New Wokha Village, in the presence of Y Mhonbemo Humtsoe, NCP candidate for 38 AC Wokha, and Nagaland NCP party workers.





During the program, Verma stated that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s regime will end soon because inflation and unemployment in the country are at an all-time high, and the market is in a major recession.


He claimed that Himachal Pradesh, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh, among other states, have rejected the BJP government, and that the BJP government’s aura will fade soon.


He accused the BJP of putting farmers in danger, with many farmers losing their lives; whereas the NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar is focused on farmers, stating that Pawar himself is a farmer who went on to remove debts from farmers during his stint as Union Minister for Agriculture, claiming it as a record time achievement totaling INR 68,000 crores.


Verma discussed the NCP’s ideology as a pro-women empowerment and secular political party, with 50 percent reservation for women in Panchayat (local self-government) and women recruited into the navy, army, and air force.


He expressed his belief that the eminent personalities who were allotted NCP tickets are on the right track. He also thanked the party workers in the state.


He stated that the NCP is determined to strengthen government machinery and administration in order to ensure good governance and administration in accordance with various development visions, and that the manifesto stated that the NCP’s policies towards the development of Nagaland represent the fabric of Naga socio-political and economic vision, and that the NCP is committed to uphold and protect all aspects for the interest and progress of Nagaland.


Y Mhonbemo Humtsoe, 38 Wokha AC NCP candidate, stated during the event that the party has provided 12 tickets where he assured that the NCP party will get a thumping victory as 100 percent or short of two candidates at worst, while adding that 10 candidates have 100 percent victory probability.


He expressed pleasure and gratitude to the party Supremo Sharad Pawar NCP National President and Narendra B Verma national general secretary, spokesperson and in-charge of Northeast and assured that NCP in the state will shine and progress in the upcoming Nagaland Legislative Assembly Election 2023.

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