World Red Cross Day observed at Livingstone Foundation International

Dimapur, 8 May (MTNews): With an aim to further the humanitarian principles and goals of the International Red Cross Society, the World Red Cross Day 2023 was observed at Livingstone Foundation International, Dimapur on 8th May 2023 with Sachin Jaiswal, IAS, Deputy Commissioner of Dimapur as the Chief Guest. The Guests of Honour on the occasion were Dr Andrew Ahoto Sema, Chairman, Livingstone Foundation International & Patron, IRCS, Dimapur and Chandu Agarwal, Chairperson, IRCS, Dimapur. The event was held under the theme ‘Everything we do comes #fromtheheart.’





Wishing everyone a very happy World Red Cross Day, the Chief Guest, Sachin Jaiswal, who is also the President of IRCS, Dimapur Branch, highlighted the importance of celebrating and acknowledging people behind the screen who help others especially during crisis situations. He stated that whatever is done from the heart needs to be respected and thus acknowledged by all.



Speaking on the sidelines of voluntary blood donation camps, he rued that the number of volunteers donating blood is quite less in comparison to the requirement of blood in the state. The Chief Guest also underscored the immediate need of clearing all air of doubts, misconceptions and phobia surrounding blood donation so that more people would volunteer to donate blood. He asked the students and youths to choose a date and time for voluntary blood donation as the blood donation figures of the state are very low compared to other states.



He also called upon the youths to make it a point to give back to the society like donating blood, visiting old age homes or orphanages whenever there are opportunities.



Speaking about the Manipur violence, he termed Manipur as a very progressive state but what has happened is a reflection of where the society is going. He regretted that the lives and career of many students studying in Manipur were at stake due to the violence something similar to that which was created during the Ukraine-Russia conflict. He reflected on the importance of sitting back and reflecting on the decisions we take and the consequences of those decisions.



He termed Dimapur as a cosmopolitan area, a mini-India where people have been coming forward to help each other despite all the odds. He therefore asked people of all communities living in the district to take ownership of societal responsibilities and rise above personal and communal differences. He also opined that days are gone when people used to fight on tribal and religious lines and nothing good was ever achieved through such fights.



The other speakers during the occasion were Dr Temsu, In-charge, Blood Bank, District Hospital, Dimapur; Ajay Sethi, Vice Chairperson, IRCS, Dimapur; Dr Andrew Ahoto Sema, Chairman, Livingstone Foundation International & Patron, IRCS, Dimapur; and Kamala Kanta Paul, Hon. Secretary, IRCS, Dimapur.



The speakers mainly spoke on the key principles of the Red Cross Society, significance of the day and the importance of donating blood. Dr Andrew Ahoto Sema shared his thoughts on the necessity of maintaining a perfect sync between the heart, mind and the tongue which will allow an individual to always think positive for humanity and the world.



Earlier, the program began with the invocation prayer pronounced by Ms Medozhanuo Tepa, Chaplain & Counsellor, Livingstone Foundation International College which was followed by a host of other items including a special number by Mr Gideon Sangma and group.



The program concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Ashok Agarwal, Treasurer, IRCS, Dimapur. The program was attended among others by the Director of LFI, Mrs Ani Yepthomi, the faculties and students of LFI and the Counsellors and Junior Red Cross Volunteers from Herbert Spencer School, Dimapur.

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