The 74th Amendment of the Constitution, enacted in 2003, decentralized powers and functions to the Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to ensure the proper and planned growth of cities and towns with adequate infrastructure and basic amenities. Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) play a critical role in the governance and development of urban areas. They are the third tier of government, functioning at the city or town level, and are essential for managing local affairs, ensuring public service delivery, and fostering community development.

The key roles and responsibilities of ULBs include Governance and Administration, Urban Planning and Development, Infrastructure and Public Services, Social Welfare and Community Services, Revenue Generation and Financial Management, Environmental Management, and Disaster Management and Emergency Services, among other things.

ULBs are responsible for the overall governance of urban areas. They are tasked with formulating policies, enacting local laws, and implementing urban development plans. The elected representatives, ideally, ensure that the local government is accountable to the citizens. Effective financial management is crucial for ULBs to execute development projects and provide services. They prepare budgets, manage expenditures, and ensure financial accountability.

Urban Local Bodies are integral to the democratic framework and urban development. By effectively managing urban governance, planning, and service delivery, ULBs contribute to the overall growth and development of cities and towns, ensuring that urbanization translates into an improved quality of life for all urban residents.

With the MMC election just around the corner, let’s vote wisely, Mokokchung. The people we elect will either make or break our community.

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