In an exciting fusion of regional talents, Akum Lkr, a rising music artist from Mokokchung, Nagaland, has teamed up with Mizoram’s own Lesky Hype and Smiley Smiles to release their latest single, “Ka Thlah Thei Lo Che.”

The song, which delves into themes of heartbreak and betrayal, is a poignant reflection on the lingering pain and longing after a love lost.

Young Naga Artist Akum Lkr Collaborates with Lesky Hype and Smiley on Heartfelt Single

“Ka Thlah Thei Lo Che,” translated to “I Can’t Let You Go,” captures the emotional turmoil of a lover grappling with the end of a significant relationship. The lyrics speak to the universal experience of heartache, expressing the difficulty of moving on and the constant longing for a past lover. Akum Lkr’s soulful vocals, combined with the dynamic styles of Lesky and Smiley, create a powerful and resonant musical piece that is sure to strike a chord with listeners across the region.

This collaboration marks a significant step for Akum Lkr, whose distinctive voice and heartfelt songwriting skills in Ao have been steadily gaining recognition in the local music scene. Lesky and Smiley, both celebrated artists in Mizoram, bring their unique flavors to the track, blending seamlessly with Akum Lkr’s style to produce a song that is both deeply personal and widely relatable.

“Ka Thlah Thei Lo Che” is available for streaming on YouTube, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its emotional journey. This collaboration not only highlights the rich musical talent in the Northeast but also sets the stage for future cross-regional projects, showcasing the unity and diversity of the area’s vibrant music scene.

~ Sentilong Longkumer

(The writer is a former staff reporter for Mokokchung Times.)

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