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The 1st Li Ning Northeast Invitational Badminton Tournament organized by the Mokokchung District Badminton Association (MDBA) under the aegis of Mokokchung District Sports Council (MDSC) and Nagaland Badminton Association (NBA) concluded on 15 December at the MDBA Indoor Stadium, Mokokchung.

badminton Mokokchung
Winners in the various categories with guests and officials after the conclusion of the 1st Li Ning Northeast Invitational Badminton Tournament at MDBA Indoor Stadium, Mokokchung, 15 December.

Er Moa Aier, Engineer in Chief, Department of Power, Government of Nagaland was the special guest at the closing program of the tournament. The special guest in his speech expressed that the Nagaland government should focus on developing a few select sports and that badminton should be one of them. He also said that sports have become a viable source of livelihood and that parents should encourage their children in sports. Citing examples of successful badminton players in the country, Aier added that opportunities in sports should be given to all and not just to a privileged few.

Presenting the tournament synopsis, Imomar, Tournament Referee informed that a total of 80 players participated in the tournament out of which 14 players were women while 15 were from outside of Nagaland.

NBA executive member Tia Mollier delivered the NBA remarks on the tournament while I Lipokmeren Jamir, Convenor, Organizing Committee, delivered the vote of thanks.
The tournament was played across six doubles categories, including Women’s Doubles, Men’s Doubles, Men’s 75+ Doubles, Men’s 85+ Doubles, Men’s 95+ Doubles, Men’s 105+ Doubles.“in commemoration of 50 years of badminton in Nagaland.

The winners of the tournament were:
1. Men’s Doubles 105+
Winners: Bijoy Kumar Barman & Yumnam Tombisana Singh (Assam)
Runners-up: I Temjen & Sashiwapang (Nagaland)

2. Men’s Doubles 95+
Winners: Bendangnochet & Er. Imlisunep (Nagaland)
Runners-up: Temsuyanger Lemtur & Sashiwapang (Nagaland)

3. Men’s Doubles 85+
Winners: Bendangnochet & Er. Imlisunep (Nagaland)
Runners-up: Er. Toshikaba & Sendongyanger(Nagaland)

4. Men’s Doubles 75+
Winners: Sendongyanger & Wapang Tzudir (Nagaland)
Runners-up: Supongtemsu Longchar & Tiayanger (Nagaland)

5. Men’s Doubles
Winners: Teichang Herie & Peramrisi Zeliang (Nagaland)
Runners-up: Unil Kumar (Manipur) and Hitto V Swu (Nagaland)

6. Women’s Doubles
Winners: Shekhotolu Puro & Tovali Shohe (Nagaland)
Runners-up: Ekumyala Changkiri & Bendangnaro Jamir(Nagaland)

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