Phek, 15 December (MTNews): The Sakraba Youth Organization’s 49th general session pre-Golden Jubilee celebration-cum-Cultural Day took place at Thürinyi Küde, Sakraba village in Phek district on Friday. Hosted by Basa ‘B’ Khel, the event centered on the theme ‘envisioning a promising future.’

Naga wrestling
Naga wrestler Huluyi D Vadeo seen in action during the 49th wrestling meet at Sakraba village on Dec 15.

Vekhozo Ringa, President of the Chakhesang Wrestling Association, graced the occasion as the inaugural guest. During his address, the president emphasized the importance of preserving the good characters and values inherited from forefathers to guide and nurture the younger generation. He called upon the elders to educate the youth about the significance of traditional attire in symbolizing culture and identity.

Regarding sports, he highlighted that while not all athletes can sustain themselves solely through sports, they should still be encouraged. He stressed the importance of exploring various sporting disciplines like judo, taekwondo, and wushu alongside Naga wrestling for potential participation in events such as the Olympic Games, considering the scope of Naga wrestling limited within the state. Additionally, he tentatively announced the upcoming Chakhesang Wrestling meet set for February 9, 2024, to be hosted by the Chozuba Area Wrestling Association.

Kühüsheyi D Vadeo, President of the Secheku Wrestling Association, urged wrestlers in his address to uphold discipline and character for successful careers. He also announced that the forthcoming Secheku Area Wrestling meet would take place on January 12, 2024, at Porba Village.

CWA President Ringa unfurled the organization’s flag, while Huluyi D Vadeo lit the tournament’s torch. The day was filled with various cultural activities, including duets, yodeling, wrestling, and primitive fire making.

wrestling kids
Kids participating in Naga style wrestling at Sakraba village.

The wrestling matches saw Huluyi D Vadeo retain his title as the best Naga wrestler in the village for the second time, defeating Huravo Vadeo in the final match. Ruvezo D Vadeo and Mhathoveyi D Vadeo secured third and fourth positions, respectively. In the junior wrestling category, Shekuzo Vadeo claimed the first position, followed by Mulive Lohe in second, and Ozo D Vadeo and Shenieto D Vadeo in third and fourth positions, respectively.

Additionally, the day marked the official visit of CWA officials to Wazholu, a paddy terrace field in Sakraba, where the first Chakhesang Wrestling Championship was held.

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