Kohima, 4 November (MTNews): A culmination program for the 40-Hour Mediation Training Program, aimed at judicial officers and advocates of Nagaland that began on October 31 was held today at SIRD, Kohima.


Mezivolu T Therieh, OSD Registrar and Member Secretary, MCPC, Supreme Court of India, spoke after handing over the certificates and expressed hope that mediation would gain momentum in the state by training judges and advocates. She described mediation as a movement and process, encouraging the trainees to champion this movement.

Therieh deemed the training a success and thanked the trainers for their efforts in providing the best techniques, information, and knowledge to the participants, leading to self-realization and personality development.

Dr Aditi Chaudhury, District Judge and Director of Delhi Judicial Academy encouraged the trainees to become mediation leaders in the state and even trainers beyond Nagaland. She noted that the training, despite its technical curriculum, was a success because the participants recognized the importance of mediation in society.

Judicial officer Kesheli Chishi shared her training experience, emphasizing the significance of training and acquainting oneself with various aspects of mediation beyond the existing Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) system in the Indian Constitution.

Advocate Sunjib Rana discussed the mediator’s role, emphasizing the difference between perception and reality. He expressed gratitude for the extensive training by New Delhi-based trainers.
The program, chaired by NSLSA Member Secretary, Victo Sema, NJS, saw the participation of 28 judicial officers and advocates who completed the training over five days from October 31 to November 4.

The training was organized by the Nagaland State Legal Services Authority under the aegis of the Mediation and Conciliation Project Committee (MCPC) of the Supreme Court of India. Trainers included Dr Aditi Chaudhury, Nagina Jain, Harish Dudani, and Jaya Goyal.

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