Mopungchuket, January 10 (MTNews): The 43rd general conference of the Asetkong Kaketshir Telongjem Mungdang (AKTM) commenced here tonight with Er Lobosang Jamir, Superintending Engineer, Department of Power, Govt of Nagaland as the inaugural guest and Rev Dr Mar Pongen, Executive Secretary, ABAM Impur as the main speaker.


Er Lobosang Jamir, Superintending Engineer, Dept. of Power


Rev Dr Mar Pongen, Executive Secretary, ABAM


The three-day event is being held with the theme “Sobaliba Nükmen Lokmedem” with special focus on cultural amelioration.


Speaking in line with the theme of the conference, Er. Lobosang Jamir in his address drew an inversion from Chungliyimti, the foundational basis of Ao civilization, and emphasized on “work culture” stating that the predecessors worked unremittingly, on their own, paving the way for those that are today. He invited the students to think about it, noting that today’s youth’s work culture is incomparable to that of their forefathers. “Today’s generation lacks the driving force that our predecessors had in their work culture,” he remarked.


Jamir remarked that the greatest threat to today’s generation is “eroding work culture and absence of labour dignity,” citing corruption, nepotism, extortion, and lack of accountability and transparency as its symptoms, all of which he believes must be appropriately addressed.


He illustrated the work culture of various progressive countries around the world as examples and urged the youth to develop a dignified work culture.


“There are ample opportunities, but only if one takes the risk and steps out of one’s comfort zone will one be able to sustain oneself, economic power will improve, control politics, and be in the power to elect the appropriate candidate to frame the required policy for economic development and prosperity” Jamir said.


Other highlights of the inaugural session included the opening ceremony by Mopungchuket Ait Laishir Telongjem (MALT), invocation by Alem Aier, pastor of Chami Baptist Church, introduction of guests and invitees by Lanuyanger, AKTM correspondence secretary, welcome address by Arentemsu, Mopungchuket village council chairman, and a special number by Arenchenla Walling.


Rev Dr Mar Pongen, the main speaker, spoke on the theme and also encouraged the students to ameliorate the culture to one that conforms Biblical standards and advised for a culture of unity among the Asetkong citizens. He also pronounced a special prayer for the AKTM.


An extempore speech competition was also held which was led by Supongasang Jamir.

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