The 5th Inter-School Badminton Championship 2024 concluded on Saturday, 27 April, at the Indoor Badminton Stadium in Mokokchung, organized by the Mokokchung District Badminton Association (MDBA). The closing ceremony was graced by Dr Likhase Sangtam, Assistant Professor in the Department of Political Science, NU Lumami as the special guest.

mokokchung badminton school
MDBA officials with the winners of various categories

The tournament began on 24 April and witnessed a record participation of 156 participants from 14 schools of Mokokchung district.

In the boys’ category, Town Higher Secondary School emerged as the champions, with Queen Mary HSS as the runners-up. In the girls’ category, Mt. Moriah School were the champions, and Jubilee Memorial School were the runners-up.

The championship also recognized the most promising players in the amateur category, with Yangerjungla of CRHSS and Sungjemtemsu of QMHSS being accorded the awards in the girls’ and boys’ categories respectively.

Mokokchung badminton girl
badminton mokokchung boy

Winners list:
Under-9 Boys Singles
1st Temsumanen JMS
2nd Idongvi Eden Academy

Under-9 Girls Singles
1st Arenienla QMHSS
2nd Phongying QMHSS

Under-11 Girls Singles
1st Molungnenla LKR CMHSS, Impur
2nd Ochienla CMHSS, Impur

Under-11 Boys Doubles
1st Moatangit Tzudir, Lenjener Tzudir EDHSS
2nd Meyanuksung, Sentiyanger JMS

Under-13 Boys Singles
1st imchalong Lemtur EDHSS
2nd Aowalu JMS

Under-13 Boys Doubles
1st Imchalong Lemtur, Imkongnochet Lemtur EDHSS
2nd Imtinungsang, Chubamayang Mt Moriah

Under-13 Girls Singles
1st Rosila QMHSS
2nd Sungtina QMHSS

Under-13 Girls Doubles
1st Molungnenla Lkr, Ochienla CMHSS, Impur
2nd Sungtina, Rosila QMHSS

Under-15 Boys Singles
1st Arkutong JMS
2nd Shisasunep Green Hill Academy Chuchu Town

Under-15 Boys Doubles
1st Arkutong, Mesensen JMS
2nd Shisasunep, Sentitenzuk Green Hill Academy Chuchu Town

Under-15 Girls Singles
1st Yalemjungla JMS
2nd Yangerjungla CRHSS

Under-15 Girls Doubles
1st Temsusola, Jungtisen QMHSS
2nd Arendi, Sentirenla JMS

Under-17 Boys Singles
1st WabongsenJ JMS
2nd Sentiyatet Straightway HSS

Under-17 Boys Doubles
1st Wabongsen, Mesensen JMS
2nd Tiamoa, Otongtang QMHSS

Under-17 Girls Singles
1st Imsusenla Children
2nd Kipangwala Mt Moriah

Under-17 Girls Doubles
1st Yalemjungla, Temennaro JMS
2nd Opanglemla, Merenlemla Jamir QMHSS

Open Boys Singles
1st Pursungit THSS
2nd Kinren THSS

Open Boys Doubles
1st Pursungit, Kinren THSS
2nd Alichang, Watiakum QMHSS

Open Girls Singles
1st Arenchila JMS
2nd Kipangwala Mt Moriah

Open Girls Doubles
1st Repatula, Imlijungla Straightway HSS
2nd Sentichila, sangyumongla CRHSS

Mixed Doubles
1st Yalemjungla, Arkutong JMS
2nd Alichang, Merenlemla Jamir QMHSS

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