The Marepkong Youth Association (MYA) will organize the 5th edition of the Inter-Ward Football Tournament in Mokokchung, scheduled to take place from March 12 to March 23, 2024. Marepkong, one of the 18 wards in Mokokchung town, will host the event.

Marepkong Mokokchung
Marepkong Youth Association, organizers of the Mokokchung Inter Ward Football Tournament during the press conference at Marepkong Community hall, Mokokchung on 10 February.

During a press conference held today at the Marepkong Community Hall, the tournament’s convenor, Bendangnukshi, announced that registration forms for the tournament would be available at Cyber 48, MMC Shopping Complex, from February 19 to March 2.

The tournament will offer a cash prize of Rs 50,000, along with certificates for the champions, and Rs 30,000 with certificates for the runners-up. Additionally, individual prizes will be awarded for the Highest Goal Scorer, Best Goalkeeper, Best Defender, and Player of the Tournament.

Responding to inquiries about ticket proceeds, Bendangnukshi explained that Marepkong Youth Association would handle ticket sales, and proceeds would be shared on a 50/50 basis with the participating teams.

The MYA disclosed plans to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a football academy in Guwahati to scout talents from the current tournament onwards. The goal is to identify promising young talents and facilitate their entry into the academy. However, participants would need to cover their own expenses, and parental consent would be final.

The MYA, which has organized the tournament for the past four editions, aims to nurture local talents and revive the district’s illustrious past in the field of sports, particularly football. The decision to organize the 5th edition stems from significant support and assistance received from the 18 wards of the town. There were 13 wards that participated in the last edition. The tournament has not seen all 18 wards participating in the tournament so far and it is expected that that would change this year.

Furthermore, the Association stated that teams interested in using the tournament logo on their jerseys or merchandise may do so, but the logo remains copyrighted by MYA. This marks a change in policy, as some wards have expressed interest in featuring the tournament logo on their jerseys in previous years.

The Association encouraged all eighteen wards of Mokokchung Town to participate in the tournament. It reiterated that the competition is exclusively for bona fide residents of Mokokchung Town. Ward authorities and youth associations have been instructed to strictly adhere to the rules, allowing only genuine residents of their respective wards to participate.

Managed solely through contributions from well-wishers, the MYA hopes to make the tournament to be financially self-sustainable in the near future. It also plans to share organizing responsibilities of the tournament with the other wards in the future.

Tournament Logo and Theme Unveiled

Mokokchung Inter Ward football

The Marepkong Youth Association today unveiled the official logo of the Mokokchung Inter Ward Football Tournament. The logo is allowed to be used as the crest by participating teams on their jerseys. The heraldic design of the logo is inspired by the district’s legacy of being a sports and football bastion in the past and regaining that ‘glorious past.’

The two curved banners on either side, with five pointers, represent hands, depicting handholding and supporting football players. The two olive branches depict peace, harmony, and truth.

The theme of the tournament, ‘Rise as one,’ is also inscribed in the logo.

Past Winners:

2019 – Arkong Ward

2021 – Artang Ward

2022 – Mongsenbai Ward

2023 – Sangtemla Ward

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