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Impur, 20 February (MTNews): ABAM Sunday School Ministry Subject Orientation program for its Zones 1-7 was successfully held on 9 and 10 February at Impur under the theme “Feed My Sheep” John 21:15.

ABAM Impur
A total of 476 delegates from 72 churches comprising Asso. Pastor, Christian Education and Sunday School Teachers attended the program, an update from ABAM Impur said.

The main speakers were Rev Dr Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary, ABAM; Mr Sukum Aier, Program Coordinator at GLF & Counsellor at IRCA & SCWS; Dr Moanungsang Tzüdir, Secretary, Education & Literature, ABAM; and Mrs Alemla Mozür, Secretary, ABAM WM. They spoke on the topics of Children’s Today, Children in the Environment, and the program’s theme.

Meanwhile, Mrs Abenla Aier, Coordinator, Children Ministry, ABAM, and Mr Imsentiba, Coordinator, Sunday School Ministry, ABAM, addressed Sunday School lessons Grade 1-15.
“May God help our children to grow in good Christian discipline,” Rev Dr Mar Pongener Executive Secretary, ABAM said in the press release.

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