Mokokchung, February 23 (MTNews): Condemning the ‘devious behavior that has been creating unpleasant situations in the State even to the extent of murder’, the Ao Baptist Arogo Mungdang (ABAM) on Thursday urged the administration to undertake ‘extensive campaigns against extremist elements trying to gain access to success through illegal activities in this election’.


“These are not just a contravention of the law but a direct insult to humanity,” the Rev Dr Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary, ABAM said in a statement on Thursday.
The ABAM further stated that the politics of violence should not be allowed to proliferate in a state predominantly occupied by Christians.


“The murderous politics, if allowed to proliferate, would eventually deny democratic space in the state resulting in even the fall short of what we call Christian disciplines,” the ABAM continued.


According to ABAM, they have been going through rounds of Clean Election Campaigns and expressed sadness over what is happening in the State over the week.
“When a Fair and Free Election is the only solution to peaceful living, violence of all sorts is a direct imprudent to the cry of our people,” it stated.


The ABAM further urged all the Administration and all the apex bodies in the state to now work hard in order to prevent the recurrence of such acts.


“The fever of Election will soon go away from us, but the communal relationship will continue to exist,” it stated, urging everyone to “sensibly create a platform that suits every individual.”


“Violence is never the solution to our corrupt electioneering system. Whoever is involved in anti-human activities, ABAM calls this lunacy,” it added.


The ABAM further stated that in no way will it compromise with the act of murder and strongly condemned the alleged murder of an innocent person at Chungtia Village on February 21, 2023, and prayed that justice is brought forth.


ABAM further extended condolences to the bereaved family and prayed that “God who is just and loving will guide you as you go through this hard time.”

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