The All Sümi Students’ Union (SKK) has officially endorsed a press release issued by the Naga Students’ Federation (NSF) regarding the forthcoming Urban Local Body (ULB) elections in Nagaland.

Emphasizing the critical need to protect the interest and aspirations of the Naga Community, the SKK asserted that participation should be solely to indigenous inhabitants of Nagaland, specifically those who are Nagas by blood and not by adoption. It also endorsed the NSF advocacy for the exclusion of Naga women married to Non-Locals, inclusive of their offspring, from contesting in the Urban Local Body (ULB) election.

“It is also imperative to safeguard the interests and aspirations of our Naga community and ensure that our people’s votes are authentically represented in the decision making process,” it said.

The SKK called upon all the right minded individuals within the Naga communityto support and advance such advocacy for the preservation of Naga culture identity, integrity, justice, equality and empowerment of the Naga people.

Mokokchung Times

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