With a bachelor’s degree in designing, Amini Ngullie is a fashion designer from Wokha, currently residing in Kohima. She is a native of Pangti village in Wokha district. However, Amini was born in Phek town in 1997 while she pursued her academic career in Wokha.


Amini Ngullie

Growing up with a diverse background, Amini was heavily influenced by her mother who belonged to the Sangtam community and was also a beautician with a great sense of fashion.
Amini’s mother was the person in her life who encouraged her to pursue her passion which was fashion designing until she unfortunately passed away in 2019. But Amini’s father was nothing less than a doting father who taught her how to sketch and draw and encouraged her to participate in various school level art competitions from a tender age of six. And Amini continued to excel in all of such events.


As a young girl, Amini was different from other kids of her age, as she would rather enjoy watching fashion TV, practice stitching or create new clothes rather than watch cartoons or movies.
Amini, who is blessed with a younger brother and two younger sisters, also worked as a school teacher in one of the missionary schools outside Nagaland for a year. This, according to her, was the experience that changed her life as she discovered what she really wanted to do in life.


But not everything was roses and smiles for Amini as she began her financial independence from her parents to chase after her dreams. Amini would work as a part-time waitress in Korean Uncle’s Café, Dimapur every afternoon after her designing classes were over. And with hard work and sheer determination, today, Amini enjoys creating dresses that are based on embroidery and classic designs with her own fashion store/outlet at Razhu Point, Kohima.


Amini Design



MTimes: What kind of designs do you enjoy doing the most?
Amini: I enjoy creating different types of wedding dresses such as Mermaid type, Ball gown, embroidered dresses such as Slip dress, wrap dress, and many more.  I also enjoy creating different types of wedding suits and formal attires for men, women and children.


MTimes: What kind of message would you like to give out to the world through your designs?
Amini: I would like to help clients through my designs, express themselves to reveal their personalities in a pleasant and unique way through colors, materials and garments.



MTimes: What is it you like best about being a fashion designer?
Amini: Colour, shapes, and styles always intrigued me and fashion designing also had a way to satisfy my creative fancies. I enjoy being a fashion designer because it’s a career where my creativity and imagination, and my ability to understand colors and different styles play an important role in my growth.


MTimes: In your opinion, what are the most critical aspects of the fashion industry?
Amini: In my opinion, the most critical factor in the fashion industry is customer-centricity.  For garment manufacturers, it is important to not only manufacture the right products at the right time, but also cater to the changing requirements and have a service orientation such as customer resolution management, being flexible and adaptive to new designs.



MTimes: Do you have a favorite trend in fashion, past and present?
Amini: To be honest, I don’t have any favorite trends as trends come and go, and also the past trends do often make a great comeback.



MTimes: As a fashion designer, how would you advise someone to dress for a job interview?
Amini: Men should always default to wearing a suit. All clothes should fit well and be free of stains. Women should wear suits in navy, black, or dark gray; a suit skirt just below or above the knee, a coordinated blouse and conservative shoes.




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