The National Socialist Council of Nagalim (NSCN-IM), Eastern Flank, Naga Army, has expressed condolences to the family of Captain RS Winson from Ngainga Village, Ukhrul District, following his death in a recent conflict.

Naga Army
Captain RS Winson

According to a letter (written in Tangkhul language) from Lieut. Gen. A. Ramsan, MC, Deputy Longvibu, Naga Army, Captain Winson was killed in action on June 15, 2024, during a confrontation in the Angko Hills Range against the Kuki National Army (Burma) [KNA (B)].

The letter revealed that Captain Winson succumbed to injuries sustained in the encounter. “At approximately 6:30 PM, while commanding his team in this critical engagement, he was tragically injured and died on the spot,” the letter said.

Addressing Captain Winson’s family, the letter stated, “Your son, R.S. Winson, was unfortunately killed in action on June 15, 2024, at Angko Ching Range jungle by the Kuki National Army (Burma). Your son, as the commander, fought and engaged with the KNA (B) at 6:30 PM and died on the spot.”

Lieutenant General Ramsan praised Captain Winson, describing him as “a brave, loyal, and dutiful soldier,” and affirmed that his sacrifice for the Naga nation and its movement would always be remembered.

The letter alleged that in Eastern Nagalim, present-day Myanmar, as the NSCN continue to strengthen its movement, they face constant opposition from the Indian Security Forces, who, in connivance with the KNA-B, strive to undermine its aspirations by persistently opposing and attacking the Nagas.

“Despite these challenges, we remain steadfast in defending our territory for the cause of the Naga Nation,” the letter added.

“Today, the entire Naga community grieves alongside your family. Captain Winson was a brave, courageous, and dutiful soldier. The sacrifices he made for the Naga Nation will forever be remembered and honoured,” the letter said.

This tragic incident is part of a series of violent confrontations involving the NSCN-IM and KNA (B). In February 2024, the NSCN-IM accused the Kuki National Army (Burma) of killing Honpam Chithung on February 10 in Myanmar. Additionally, in May 2024, the Naga Army alleged that Sentilong Jamir of Mokokchung, Nagaland state, was captured and tortured to death by KNA (B) forces while on duty at the Indo-Myanmar border.

According to the CAO of the NSCN-IM Wung Tangkhul Region (WTR), four Naga Army soldiers have been killed by the KNA (B) to date. (With inputs from Ukhrul Times)

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