The office of the All Nagaland Taxi Association (ANTA) in Kohima fell victim to an act of vandalism on Saturday evening at approximately 6 o’clock. During the incident, the General Secretary of ANTA was reportedly held at gunpoint by unknown miscreants.




Following the incident, three suspects were apprehended and taken into custody at the North Police Station, Kohima. Meanwhile, ANTA HQ President Tzesevituo Solo expressed his discontent over the attack and assured that the association does not feel threatened.


He also said that the ANTA will strongly stand by its resolution, “one government, one tax” and added that ANTA will not remain silent over this incident and that the ANTA units across all districts will stand united against this vandalism and will stand by ‘one government, one tax’.


Meanwhile, ANTA Mokokchung President Tongpang condemned the act of vandalism and extended full support from ANTA Mokokchung to the association’s headquarters.


In response to the incident, Tongpang expressed his firm belief that such actions will never lead to the fulfillment of the people’s vision or bring peace. He called upon all sensible citizens to condemn these acts of barbarism and stressed the need to root out such behavior from society. Tongpang firmly stated that there is no place in this world for individuals who engage in such acts.


Furthermore, Tongpang announced that the ANTA Mokokchung Unit will join hands with the ANTA headquarters, pledging to stand together until the end.


It is worth noting that during its presidential meeting in Zunheboto on 25 March, 2022, ANTA took a resolute stance to cease paying taxes until the “one government, one tax policy” is implemented. The association reaffirmed this decision in March 2023, underscoring their unwavering commitment to pay taxes to only “one government.”


Mokokchung Times

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