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Dimapur, 17 June (MTNews): Former Finance Minister of Nagaland and Former President of Nagaland Congress, K Therie has expressed skepticism regarding the recent statement made by Dr Dilip Jaiswal, Bihar MLC, where he said that 17 senior officers of the Nagaland government were under the scanner of the Enforcement Directorate (ED).


Therie believes that Dr Jaiswal’s remarks were “calculated” and delivered with “authority”, possibly after being briefed by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). He went on to say that the statement is with a ‘fork tongue’ and said that it is a signal for a change in leadership within the Nagaland government, and also, a means to intimidate the 48 Regional MLAs who may face potential scrutiny by the ED.


Therie also expressed his disagreement with the practices of the ED, CBI, and NIA, citing instances of their alleged harassment of political opponents, such as the prolonged interrogation of Rahul Gandhi for 50 hours, as well as the extortion allegations in the Aryan Khan case.


However, Therie did express some satisfaction with the ED’s actions in Nagaland, believing that in the absence of opposition, the agency can help the public.


He also agreed with Dr Jaiswal that “corruption cancer is in the system of government” and agreed that “his party government is corrupt.”


“If ED is serious about cleaning up corruption, we will support letting the law take its own course without political influence. There are already five known ED cases pending. The delay in hearing is suspicious,” he added.


According to the former president, “If Congress is corrupt; BJP is a thousand times more corrupt.”


“BJP corruption is in the thousands and lakhs of crores as alleged in the Rafale deal and demonetization. No project is cleared without payment of commission in all the stages,” he said.


He accused the BJP party of prioritizing vote politics at the expense of public welfare, lives, property, and the nation’s integrity. He also claimed that the BJP has formed alliances with secessionists and extremists, expressing concern over the nation’s current state of turmoil.


In response to the recent claims made by Jaiswal, NPCC President Supongmeren Jamir has expressed concerns regarding the authority responsible for the alleged corruption. Jamir has also questioned the impartiality of the investigating body, suggesting a potential connection between corrupt officials and politicians.


Speaking to Mokokchung Times on the issue, Jamir stated, “Well, the question is, under whose authority the corruption began? Can they be impartial? Because corrupted officials of their government must have worked under the authority of politicians of their government. So, let’s see how they deal with it.”


Meanwhile, Imolemba, President of BJP Mokokchung, shared with Mokokchung Times his perspective on the matter. He affirmed the truthfulness of Jaiswal’s claims and expressed his belief in the fairness of the investigation, irrespective of party affiliations.

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