Ao Theological Association  appeals for clean election

Mokokchung, February 19 (MTNews): The Ao Theological Association (ATA) has appealed to all Christian believers to prayerfully participate in the forthcoming Nagaland Legislative Assembly Election stating that it strongly stands for clean election.


“We urge all believers not to sell your precious vote or indulge in malpractices of any kind in violation of the Election Model Code of Conduct or the word of God,” a release from the ATA said.


“Let us participate in the election judiciously and with integrity for a better tomorrow,” it added.


“Believers should be careful so as not to profane God or use His name in Vain. Let us honor and glorify God the Almighty in all that we do,” the ATA pleaded.


The ATA further appealed to all believers to fervently pray to God for forgiveness and healing.

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