Mopungchuket Watsü Telen initiates free-will donation drive for candidate

Mokokchung, February 19 (MTNews): The Mopungchuket Watsü Telen organized a solidarity program today to express their support for Congress candidate from 23 Impur Assembly Constituency, Bendangkokba, IAS (Rtd). At the program, speeches from different representatives emphasized on the role of women in a community and how women can play an important role towards holistic development of Mopungchuket Village, an update received here said. “Expressions from different participants echoed the craving for starting a clean movement in rooting out all malicious involvements for winning elections in Nagaland,” it informed.


A woman is seen here making her free-will donation at a solidarity event organized by Mopungchuket Watsü Telen in support of the Congress candidate for 23 Impur AC under Mokokchung district, February 19.


The program also included a free-will donation drive among all the women in the village as contribution to the candidate’s campaign. The update stated that the Watsü Telen through this donative drive proclaimed that supporting a candidate is not about “taking” money from the candidate, but “giving.”


Following the solidarity program, the women visited the candidate’s camp for a prayer fellowship and handed over the donation to the candidate.

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