The Anglers Association Mokokchung (AAM) hosted its 4th Open Angling Competition 2023 on 19 August at the Amoklushi Lake in Chuchuyimpang village. The event witnessed an impressive participation of around 130 anglers, hailing from various parts of the state and neighboring Assam, showcasing their angling skills.


AAM officials, winners of the 4th AAM Open Angling Competition 2023, CVC elders, and special guest Mhonbemo Ngullie, 19 August. (MTNews photo)


Nungshi Longchar emerged as the star of the event, capturing the attention of all by reeling in the largest fish of the day, an impressive 9.750 kg specimen. This feat crowned Longchar as the champion of the competition.
Toshi L Imsong secured the runner-up position with a commendable catch of a 3.630 kg fish, while Chubatemjen claimed the title of 2nd runner-up with a catch weighing 0.445 kg.


Nungshi Longchar
Nungshi Longchar, winner of the 4th AAM Open Angling Competition 2023 with his winning catch.


For their achievements, Nungshi Longchar, the champion, was honored with a cash prize of Rs 50,000 along with a certificate of recognition. Toshi L Imsong and Chubatemjen, the runners-up, received Rs 25,000 and Rs 15,000 in cash, respectively, along with certificates.


Additionally, the event recognized and rewarded five participants with consolation prizes. Each of them was awarded a cash prize of Rs 2,000.


The prize distribution ceremony held at the venue was graced by Mhonbemo Ngullie, the General Secretary of Anglers Association Nagaland, who served as the Special Guest. In his address, Ngullie extended his heartfelt congratulations to the winners and participants. He highlighted the growth of angling interest in the state and emphasized the importance of sustainable fishing practices. Ngullie urged anglers to explore rivers as fishing grounds and promote the conservation of aquatic resources, cautioning against harmful fishing methods that could lead to the depletion of fish populations.


Temsumoa Imsong, Chairman of the Village Council Chuchuyimpang, shared a brief speech during the program, underscoring the significance of community involvement in fostering such events. Moatoshi Longkumer, President of AAM, expressed gratitude towards all those who contributed to the seamless execution of the event.


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