Impur, 18 August (MTNews): Taking cognizance of the productivity of the sports ministry in the church, the Nagaland Baptist Church Council (NBCC) Youth Department organized a Sports and Scripture Engagements program for the Ao Baptist Church Association (ABAM) Youth Ministry from 16 – 18 August 2023, at Impur.




The event was sponsored by the ABAM Youth Ministry. It was attended by 40 people composed of the Associate Pastor Youth and the Youth leaders from 36 churches. On the last day, a special opportunity was given to Impur Bible Seminary where 40 students could attend the program.


Speakers during the program were Mrs Santi Keyho, Dr Viposa Kiso, Rev N Suhuto Chishi, Mr Heindibe, Mr Hinohito Jakha, Ms Khrevi Suho, and Mr Boto Achumi.


“ABAM extends our profound gratitude to NBCC for availing the privilege to host this special program and entreats that many youth will be blessed as the churches carry out this important Ministry,” Rev. Dr. Mar Pongener, Executive Secretary, ABAM said in a statement.


Today, he also said, sports ministry in the church has become one of the core tools to communicate the gospel to the young and the old alike. “It is a Ministry that goes beyond the traditional four walls of the church building where plenteous of wandering souls are met,” he added. He also said that the sports ministry focuses on evangelism and discipleship and also looks for opportunities where character building and professionalism are also emphasized.

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