The Arkong Ward Yimden organized a common platform program for two of its Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC) election 2024 candidates – Imtitoshi Pongen (NDPP) and A Bendang Jamir (Independent) at the Arkong Ward Community Hall on 17 June. It may be noted that Arkong Ward has three candidates. However, Aongsen Aier, an Independent candidate, was not invited to share the stage as the ward Yimden does not recognize his candidacy, citing violations of the law set by Arkong Ward Yimden.

A Bendang Jamir | Imtitoshi Pongen

During the program, Imtitoshi Pongen shared his lifelong interest in serving the people and emphasized that he would not make promises for development but would adhere to the Municipal Act’s regulations to benefit the ward. He also pledged to maintain transparency. “If elected, I will do good deeds for the people of Arkong Ward,” Pongen remarked.

A Bendang Jamir, who served as a town committee member from 1995 to 2005, noted the absence of a town committee member for the past 18 years and discussed how the development system had been distorted. He vowed to systematically address the issues facing local businesses if elected. Jamir expressed his commitment to bringing positive changes to Arkong Ward and called for a peaceful election. He stated that there would be only one winner but encouraged cooperation between the winning and losing candidates for the ward’s development.

Following the event, the press visited Independent candidate Aongsen’s residence. Aongsen expressed surprise at his exclusion from the program and claimed that the Yimden did not allow him to participate, adding, “There might be some problem; that’s why they did not call me.” He reaffirmed his commitment to contesting as an Independent candidate, describing Arkong Ward as “his heart and soul.”

Aongsen, who has lived in Arkong Ward for 45 years, explained that his deep understanding of the ward’s issues motivated his candidacy. He urged the people of Arkong Ward to set aside any confusion and understand his reasons for participating in the election.

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