Following the announcement of Aongsen Aier, an independent candidate, the Arkong ward today confirmed two more candidates – Bendangnukshi Jamir and Imtitoshi Pongen – for the upcoming MMC election.

Jamir declared his independent candidacy at his residence, while Imtitoshi Pongen was one of the recipients of the NDPP ticket handed out today.

Bendangnukshi Jamir
Bendangnukshi Jamir

Jamir, who served as a town member committee for 10 years (1995-2005), stated that he was involved in the boycott movement of the Nagaland Municipal Act 2001, which included levying taxes on land and buildings. “It didn’t align with the freedom that was given to the Nagas,” he said of the NMA 2001. He expressed his belief that this election has been made possible through the cooperation and sacrifices made by the ward unions of Mokokchung, Dimapur, and Kohima as well as the 36 town councils.

However, he noted that in the past 18 years, Mokokchung Town didn’t have an elected municipal council, and the entire system relating to business, waste management, and different sorts of things was distorted due to the absence of a municipal council.

“I have the knowledge of all the weaknesses that Mokokchung town has and the damage that has been done by the absence of an elected municipal council,” he said, adding that if the people of Arkong ward deem him a worthy candidate, he shared his vision of fixing the entire damages one after the other.

Jamir further sought the support of the Arkong residents to achieve his vision, encouraging them to vote for individuals committed to bringing about societal change. Additionally, he expressed his wish for a peaceful conduct of the election while stating his interest and desire to reshape the system, which has been distorted by the absence of a municipal council for the past 18 years. This, he believes, will create a better and clearer path for young leaders to contribute to the betterment of Mokokchung Town.

Meanwhile, NDPP candidate Imtitoshi Pongen who also declared his candidature at his residence today expressed his interest in introducing various skill development programs, sports, and recreational activities to keep the youth engaged and supported. He also said he will prioritize repairing and upgrading of roads and public facilities.

Imtitoshi Pongen
Imtitoshi Pongen

Pongen also highlighted his interest in dealing with issues such as waste segregation and dumping, and drainage system and called for collective security where he ensured that he will foster strong relationships between law enforcement and the community.

Pongen also said that he will commit to transparency by holding regular meetings and providing clear communication and encouraging citizen participation in decision-making processes through surveys, advisory committees, and public forums.

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