The Asetkong Kaketshir Telungjem Mungdang (AKTM) organized a one-day seminar on Re-Learning the Ao Language and Cultural Program at Senden Salang, Sungratsü village, on 8 July. In the first session, the speaker, I Temjen Tzudir, Coordinator of Ao Riju, focused on the importance of the Ao language, emphasizing the urgency to learn and speak one’s own language, which is an integral part of one’s identity.

Asetkong Ao
Speaker of the event, I Temjen Tzudir, Coordinator of Ao Riju, with officials of AKTM, AKM and OKM

The speaker further encouraged the youngsters to learn and speak their language. He also stated that to be fluent in the Ao language, one needs to understand its meaning and roots, as this knowledge is essential for writing in Ao. He highlighted the need for uniformity in spelling, which Ao Riju is striving to achieve.

He encouraged the Asetkong students to focus on linguistic studies not just for employment but for the development of the Ao language. He also encouraged students to appear for the ‘Atangtet’ exam conducted by Ao Riju. The first session was chaired by Katilong Jamir, President of Mopungchuket Ait Laishir Telungjem (MALT).

The second session featured various cultural presentations from different units of AKTM. Nüknürar Ken was presented by Longjang Kaketshir, Süngo Naro Ken by Kubolong Kaketshir, Talupi folk dance by MALT, Sobaliba Ken by Süngratsü Rijusanger, and Meyu by Longpa Kaketshir. The second session was hosted by Akummenla.

In the first session, Kajenkaba Aier, President of AKTM, delivered the welcome address. M Taka Longchar, Chairman of the Sungratsü Village Council and Supongsashi, Vice President of Asetkong Mungdang, delivered short speeches. The vote of thanks was delivered by Penlichang Aier, Cultural Secretary of AKTM.

More than 300 delegates, invitees, and officials from the various units of AKTM as well as officials from AKM and OKM attended the event.


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