Newly elected councilors of the Mokokchung Municipal Council (MMC) Bendangkumba Aier of Majakong Ward and Imkuniba Kichu of Kichutip Ward held separate Thanksgiving programs at Community Hall, Majakong, and Arok Salang, Kichutip Ward respectively.


bendangkumba imkumniba thanksgiving
MMC Councilors Bendangkumba Aier of Majakong Ward and Imkuniba Kichu of Kichutip Ward

Bendangkumba Aier expressed his gratitude to the electorate for entrusting him with the responsibility to represent Majakong Ward and Mokokchung. He vowed to serve the people with dedication and acknowledged the support of Advisor TN Manen, Advisor Imkongmar, and the NDPP party for their backing during the elections.

Aier also appreciated the core committee and the Sumi community for their unwavering support and thanked Majakong Ward Authority for ensuring a clean and peaceful election process. He commended his opponent for upholding ethical election practices and pledged to incorporate their vision for the ward’s development.

Meanwhile, in Kichutip Ward, Councilor Imkumniba Kichu expressed his appreciation for the overwhelming support from the people. He highlighted the ward’s achievement of conducting the election without any proxy votes and urged the community to uphold such ethical standards in future elections.

Kichu emphasized his commitment to being a responsive leader who listens to the people and acts accordingly, aiming to maintain Kichutip Ward as a role model for others.

Both councilors concluded their programs with a pledge to work tirelessly for the welfare and progress of their respective wards within Mokokchung Municipal Council.

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