A significant peace coordination meeting cum get-together was held on Saturday at Gabharoo Aligaon-Akumen Border in the foothills adjoining Akumen Village (Lirmen-C) of Mokokchung District, Nagaland and Aligaon in Jorhat District, Assam.

Assam Nagaland border
Border Peace Coordination Committee (Assam-Nagaland) meeting on 24 February 2024

The meeting was organized by the Border Peace Coordination Committee (Assam-Nagaland), BPCC(A-N), and chaired by the President of BPCC(A-N), Jiten Buragohain.

At the outset of the meeting, the chairperson shared the sad demise of late Z Toshi Jamir, BPCC(A-N) Secretary-designate from Nagaland’s side, who passed away last year after a brief illness. Late Toshi Jamir hailed from Yajang-C village (Nagaland). In honor of his memory, the attendees observed a one-minute silence to mourn the departed member, followed by exchanging pleasantries among the members.

The President welcomed all the members and sought everyone’s cooperation for running the meeting smoothly and successfully. Er Temsu Wathi, Coordinator of BPCC (A-N), encouraged everyone and introduced Pobon Gogoi of Medeluajan for his outstanding contribution to the cause of friendship and brotherhood.

During the meeting, members from both Assam and Nagaland introduced themselves. O Sangpang of Saringyim, also the Vice President of the BPCC (A-N), spoke in support of fraternity. He narrated how BPCC (A-N) established peace in the Saringyim and Naganijan border conflict through sincerity and dedication in 2013. The Amboto conflict was discussed by a member from Amboto village.

N Likok Pongen, a senior and founder BPCC(A-N) member from Aosendenyim, spoke at length about the journey and attainments of BPCC(A-N). He stressed that if people from both sides are united, critical problems can be solved with a true sense of goodwill. Purnananda Gogoi of Gabharoo Aligaon, also a senior member of BPCC(A-N), advocated strongly for peace and tranquility. The Village Panchayat President of Gabharoo Aligaon said that harmony should be developed at any cost for the larger interest of both communities.

Pobon Gogoi of Medeluajan, a very active social worker and a member of BPCC(A-N), stated how they are working tirelessly to maintain a peaceful atmosphere. He mentioned that they encourage cooperation between the two sides by organizing sports events every year. Pulin Handiqui, a BPCC(A-N) member from Mariani sector, emphasized that including women would strengthen BPCC(A-N) in its mission, which is crucial for promoting harmony.

Village Council Chairman Chungtiayimsen Purtemsu Kichu spoke strongly, stating that BPCC (A-N) is working very hard to promote peace in the border region. BPCC member Amal Mili advocated that there is no option but to work for peace and goodwill.

The house unanimously resolved to further strengthen ongoing activities such as Games & Sports, Cultural exchange programs, etc., in the border fringes involving people from either side, as is currently practiced. BPCC(A-N) applauded key members from the Medeluajan-Methihe-Tssori sector for meaningfully organizing the Foothills Volleyball Tournament (FVBT) activities for the past many years.

In his speech, the Coordinator, BPCC(A-N), welcomed some of the new members to its fold. He thanked the members for their dedication and selfless work in their respective zones for fostering peace among the border-living people. The coordinator emphasized that peace cannot be purchased; it is earned through one’s devotion in understanding humankind with love & sharing.

In addition to many important points, the Coordinator highlighted ongoing efforts of the committee including communication with schools on both sides of the border through cultural, social, and educational activities. They are also organizing camps for a few days in the hills, especially at Tzurangkong, where Govt. High School Tzurangkong students can interact with students from High Schools located at border fringes in the plains. The Head Masters and a few teachers from Bongshi Gopal and Jungle Block Govt. High Schools, both located in the border fringes, were also invited and participated in this meeting for future planning for such a student exchange program.

He extended a vote of thanks to all participants, acknowledging their commitment despite distance and challenges. He thanked the media team of Assam Flash led by Miss Riyarani Dutta and her team for covering the event, and Jayanta Barua, spokesperson of BPCC(A-N), for sponsoring all the display banners for the event.

The gathering concluded with an Assamese luncheon hosted by BPCC(A-N) founder member Thanu Gogoi from Gabharoo Aligaon village.

A large number of BPCC(A-N) Executive members, numbering 57 from Tssori Old & New, Changpang, Amboto, Aghautito, Methihe, Tsurangkong area, and Lower Japukong range villages from the Nagaland sector, along with members from Borhulla, Bekajan, Medeluajan, Mariani sector up to Selenghat, participated in the meet, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration.

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