The Akehta Sangtamlarü Thsingmüjang (AST) successfully completed a tour of all the wards in Kiphire Town to address and reduce anti-social activities. This program, led by AST President S. Apila, aimed to involve the community in tackling important social issues.


In her statement, President Apila shared that the organization visited all eleven wards in Kiphire during June 2024. She highlighted a major concern: the Women Police Station in Kiphire does not have an officer in charge and urged higher authorities to address this issue promptly.

During the tour, the AST encouraged citizens to keep their wards and surroundings clean. They also raised awareness about the increasing problems of drug abuse and gang fights, which are affecting people of all genders. President Apila called on parents and the public to support AST in dealing with these anti-social activities in the town.

The AST sought cooperation from the community, prompt action from the authorities, and public support to address the anti-social activities in Kiphire.


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