The monthly meeting of the Pungro Sub-Divisional Planning & Development Board (SDPDB) was held at the Cultural Hall, Pungro, Kiphire, on July 6, 2024.

Pungro SDPDB meeting approves key developments and security measures
Advisor & Chairman Pungro SDPDB, S. Kiusumew Yimchunger, with DC Kiphire, Temsuwati Longkumer, SP Kiphire, Chinese Chakhesang and officials at the Pungro SDPDB meeting held at Cultural Hall, Pungro, Kiphire on 6th July 2024. (APRO Pungro)

The members discussed the upgrade of the branch post office to a full-fledged post office at Pungro Town. They also deliberated on the need for additional staff for the operation and maintenance of the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) and Power Department. Approval was given for the construction of government quarters for the SDO and JE of the Power Department.

The board members also discussed the construction of a Mini Secretariat at Pungro to house all departmental offices to promote the rational and judicious use of land, ease governance, and improve the delivery of services. Given the geographical and demographic significance of the sub-division, including a 34 km stretch along the Indo-Myanmar border, the establishment of an SDPO office at Pungro was approved by the house. This move aims to address vulnerabilities related to illegal narcotics, trafficking, and anti-social movements, including arms smuggling. Other topics discussed included the alignment of a two-lane project in the sub-division and the posting of officers to their respective offices.

The meeting was attended by the Advisor for Fire & Emergency Services, Home Guards & Civil Defence, Relief & Rehabilitation, and Chairman SDPDB Pungro, S Kiusumew Yimchunger, Deputy Commissioner Kiphire, Temsuwati Longkumer, and Superintendent of Police Kiphire, Chinese Chakhesang. The meeting was chaired by Additional Deputy Commissioner & Vice Chairman of SDPDB Pungro, Vekusheyi Rhakho.


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