ATMA Kobulong Block conducts demonstration

Kobulong, January 28 (MTNews): ATMA, Kobulong Block, Mokokchung conducted a demonstration on improved cultivation practices of chili on 28h January at Molungkong, Mopungchuket village.



Resource person C Amongla Jamir, Block Technology Manager, ATMA deliberated on nursery bed preparation, land preparation, application of manures, sowing time transplanting, intercultural operation, and pest and disease management and harvesting.


She encouraged the farmers to engage in organic farming. Further, uses of Neem oil, pheromone trap and yellow sticky trap were also highlighted. Later, preparation of raised nursery bed and spacing to be maintained while planting was demonstrated to the farmers.


At the end, seeds and Neem oil were distributed to the farmers. Altogether 11 farmers attended the program.

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