Mokokchung, 12 March (MTNews): Putting an end to all speculation surrounding the incident on 28 November 2023, where four unidentified masked individuals allegedly raided the residence of the General Secretary of Ao Kaketshir Mungdang (AKM) in Alempang Ward, Mokokchung, the All Ward Union Mokokchung Town (AWUMT) has publicly disclosed its findings.

In a press release issued on 12 March, the AWUMT clarified that four armed individuals, identified as Limaakum Akhoya (NSCN-Khango), Olemmeren Yoangyimsen, Imlinukshi Akhoya, and Imtimeren Longmisa, intruded the residence of Tsükjemmeren (Akhoya) and his wife Moazüngla (Akhoya) in Alempang ward, Mokokchung. The AWUMT condemned this act of intrusion.

Furthermore, the AWUMT clarified that the intrusion was not targeted at the AKM general secretary’s residence but was intended to seize contraband drugs (sunflower) and cash from Moazüngla’s possession. The AWUMT condemned Moazüngla’s possession of the contraband item, citing its violation of the law.

Additionally, the AWUMT commended the NSCN/GPRN-Ao Region CAO for apprehending all the accused involved in the case, as well as the Alempang Ward Yimden for administering appropriate punishment to Moazüngla for possessing contraband drugs.

The AWUMT also issued a caution against spreading unverified news in the future. It stated that the ward authorities in all 18 wards of Mokokchung town will remain vigilant against similar instances. It warned that those found disrupting the peaceful atmosphere through illegal activities will not be pardoned and will face appropriate punishment.

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