For a person who desires to drive a vehicle, he or she, as we all know has to learn how to drive. And on learning he/she has to obtain a driver’s license. However, in Nagaland as there is very frequent checking for the license of drivers, we tend to skip the part of obtaining a driver’s license and drive without getting one. The test of times comes when that driver without license rams the vehicle he is driving onto another vehicle or gets into a collision.


There, the first question in the aftermath of collision is, “Where is your driving license?” Thus, you may be driving a vehicle without a license, it is totally okay in our state, but you should not be involved in an accident.


Likewise, is our backdoor appointment in Nagaland. Don’t be caught.


The hue and cry about backdoor appointments in Nagaland is very loud and clear. Yet we do nothing about it. The more appropriate question here is, “What are we doing about it?”


Look around and see backdoor appointees getting Governor’s recognition. Not as scrutinizing their legitimacy of their service rather getting commendation. That’s the irony. Are the superiors or officers in departments of Nagaland really that imprudent that they do not check the legitimacy of the entry before forwarding the names of backdoor appointed government servants for Commendation or awards? This impulsive act is increasing day by day and it is painful and sick. It is obvious to those department heads that there are hundreds and thousands of aspirants preparing for exams daily, spending sleepless nights and poor farmer parents sweating and toiling for their unemployed children. Yet they chose to ignore.


Backdoor appointees getting awards or commendation from the highest level of government is an indication that government job aspirants studying and prepping for exams are non-existent in the eye of the government. Sincerity and integrity is surely to be highly praised but not here.


We all are with the statement that Backdoor appointment should be done away with, but if they are being conferred with the highest honour in the state. What next? Is it justified to call the Governor’s award a farce then?
One Facebook friend recently wrote, “Backdoor appointees are a menace to the society. Their only contribution to the society is breathing out CO2 for the plants.”


Illegal appointees getting staddle to the highest level of honour in the state is like lauding a driver for driving without a license.

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