Kohima, June 15 (MTNews): In celebration of 8 years of BJP Government’s achievements, the BJP Karyakartas led by BJP Nagaland Vice Presidents Kevidezo Peter Rutsa and Kavili Achumi, General Secretaries EduzuTheleo and KhevisheSema, Chief Spokesperson KuputoShohe, Co-Spokesperson Pithrongse, State Mahila Morcha, Kohima District President Khrielieüsou and district office bearers, Kohima district MahilaMorcha, Kohima district Minority Morcha, 9 Kohima Town Mandal and 10 Northern Angami Mandal office bearers handed out 10,000 pamphlets of “8 years of Seva Sushsanaur Garib Kalyan” in and around Kohima stretching from Lerie Colony to Nagaland Civil Secretariat.


“The response from the general public was overwhelming and positive which in return encouraged the karyakartas further more even in the rainy day,” PelengutoPeseyie, General Secretary BJP Kohima District said in a press release.

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