Kohima, March 2 (MTNews): The convener of the State Media Cell, BJP Nagaland has on Thursday tendered her unconditional apology to the Kohima Press Club for the “heated exchange” that happened in the WhatsApp group ‘Press4 BJP Nagaland Group’ recently.


The Kohima Press Club had on Wednesday expressed dismay at the Nagaland unit of BJP’s handling of the issue of “unprofessional and arrogant behavior” of its state media convenor Sapralu Nyekha in dealing with journalists after she handed out a press release in the WhatsApp group on February 17 containing erroneous information about the visit of a Union Minister to Nagaland. “The issue could have been put to rest with a simple admission of professional mistake and issuance of a clarification by the media cell convener in question,” the KPC had said.


“I take back my words and beg due apology to all those that were affected by the unfortunate incident, which was never my intention in the first place,” Nyekha stated in her apology letter to the Kohima Press Club.


“Going forward, I assure you as a karyakarta of the party, that I shall take care to see and check every of the press statements coming from the party side in order that no misinformation is inadvertently handed out to the press,” the State Media Cell, BJP Nagaland convener said.


She also expressed hope that, with the spirit of forgive and forget, “we can continue to closely work together in the coming days.”

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