Pfutsero, 6 August (MTNews): The Chakhesang Scholars’ Forum (CSF) organized a panel discussion on “paradigm shift from degree education to value-based education” at Pfutsero on Saturday, 5 August, in an attempt to explore ways to improve moral and value education in the Chakhesang areas.




Participants from various academic institutions and professional backgrounds and organizations deliberated on the topic at length and suggested ways to improve quality education and moral values among the children, particularly at the foundational level.


CSF Chairman Professor Dr Zavise Rume in his keynote address said the discussion was organized to gain deeper understanding of the issues confronting the people and the community. He was of the opinion that people are interested in talking about politics and social issues but are not talking about value-based education which is equally important.


The rich Naga culture and the indigenous practices that forefathers once practiced are original and can be taught to others, he said, and urged the children to practice these traditional values.


Chakhesang Public Organization President Vezuhu Keyho also pointed out that any community must progress but while moving forward, one must take into consideration the traditional and moral values.


Panelists for the discussion were Dr Neizo Puro, Asst. Professor, department of Botany, Nagaland University; Dr Kewepfuzu Lohe, Asst. Professor and vice principal, Baptist College, Sechu Campus; Medozu Mero, former vice-principal, Pfutsero College; and Husazu Epao, former principal of Patkai Christian College.


The executive secretary of the Chakhesang Baptist Church Council, Rev Dr Chekrovei Cho-o moderated the discussion which was followed by interactions and discussions.

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