Dimapur, 6 August (MTNews): Nagaland Governor La Ganesan lauded the long-overdue redevelopment of the Dimapur railway station. The Governor emphasized that Dimapur, being the largest city in the state and a vital commercial hub, warranted this transformation. His remarks came during a program held today in Dimapur to mark the virtual laying of the foundation stone for the nationwide railway redevelopment project by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


Dimapur railway station


He said, one advantage of Dimapur station is that it is located in the heart of the city; therefore, integral development has been considered for both the front and rear side of the station. He thanked the central government for this initiative.


Addressing the concerns of passenger comfort and accessibility, the Governor expressed his satisfaction that the redevelopment has taken into account the requirements stipulated under the Accessible India Campaign for differently-abled individuals. The station’s redesign includes thoughtful additions such as ramps, lifts, escalators, and gently sloping stairs to ensure that passengers of all abilities can navigate the station with ease.


Advisor, Department of Tribal Affairs, Tovihoto Ayemi thanked the Centre and Railway Ministry for the inclusion of Dimapur railway station in Amrit Bharat Station Scheme while, Advisor for Labour and Employment, Skill Development, Moatoshi Longkumer said one of the features which included the selling and promotion of local products in the station will promote employment.


The estimated cost for the redevelopment of Dimapur railway station is reported to be 265.6 crores rupees. The project encompasses the construction of a new world-class station building that seamlessly blends local and cultural elements with state-of-the-art passenger facilities.


Notably, the terminal building will boast an expansive 72-meter-wide roof plaza, providing a seamless connection and an inviting space for travelers. The redesign also ensures spacious waiting areas and other modern amenities for the convenience of passengers.

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