Kohima, 17 March (MTNews): ChangeInkk Foundation, in partnership with the Industrial Training Institute (ITI) under the Directorate of Employment, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, hosted a transformative workshop on 15 March 2024. The workshop, held in (DESDE) Kohima, Nagaland, convened approximately 40 trainees and 7 trainers to explore the theme of “Inclusion for Innovation: Mainstreaming Persons with Specific Learning Disabilities.”

ChangeInkk Foundation partners with ITI Kohima to foster
Ms Vitozonu Natso, Program Associate, representing ChangeInkk Foundation, served as the resource person, leading an in-depth examination of specific learning disabilities (SLD) while simultaneously advocating for inclusivity and diversity in learning. Participants gained insights into the nuances of SLD, with a particular focus on dyslexic thinking, and were introduced to inclusive teaching methods designed to accommodate diverse learning styles. At the heart of the discussion was the significance of fostering an environment that celebrates diversity, acknowledging the unique backgrounds and abilities of learners, particularly those with SLD, recognizing that SLD is often an invisible disability.

By championing inclusivity and embracing diverse perspectives, the workshop aimed not only to support individuals with SLD but also to tap into latent talent and drive innovation within vocational training and skilling sectors. This holistic approach underscored the interconnected nature of addressing SLD, especially dyslexic thinking, and promoting diversity in vocational and skilling domains.

Moreover, there was a concerted emphasis on the importance of creating barrier-free environments, particularly within employment settings, to ensure equal opportunities for Persons with Disabilities. The workshop concluded with a resounding call to action for stakeholders to prioritize inclusivity in their policies and practices, recognizing the immense value that diversity brings to the innovation landscape.

ChangeInkk Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to promoting inclusivity for individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities and fostering innovation in society. Through collaborative efforts and transformative initiatives, the Foundation endeavors to create a more equitable and accessible world for individuals with diverse abilities.

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