Kohima, 17 March (MTNews): In accordance with the Standing Instructions of the Election Commission of India, the Governor of Nagaland has designated all officers and ranks of the Nagaland Police, ranging from the Director General of Police down to constables, including Home Guards and Village Guards, as election-related officials for the purpose of Section 28A of the Representation of the People Act, 1951. This designation is effective from the date of the notification for the election until the completion of the General Election to Lok Sabha, 2024 for the Nagaland Parliamentary Constituency.

These police officials, as specified, who are involved in any capacity in election-related arrangements and perform duties in connection with the conduct of the aforementioned elections, are, by law, deemed officers of the Election Commission. They are considered to be on deputation to the Election Commission and are subject to its control, superintendence, and discipline. Consequently, they are accountable to the Election Commission for any acts of commission or omission while performing any election-related duties.

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