Medziphema, 17 March (MTNews): Today marks a significant milestone for the academic community in Nagaland as the State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) was successfully conducted for the first time in the state. The School of Agricultural Sciences, Medziphema, under the leadership of Prof. Jagadish Kumar Patnaik, Vice Chancellor of Nagaland University, extends its heartfelt congratulations to the entire team involved in the smooth execution of the examination.

Nagaland University’s School of Agricultural Sciences conducts state’s first State Level Eligibility Test

Prof. Patnaik expressed his pride in the accomplishment of the School of Agricultural Sciences, Medziphema, and commended the dedication and efforts of the team, including the observer Prof. Manav Deka, for their meticulous planning and execution of the SLET exam. A total of 193 students appeared for the SLET exam across 15 different subjects, out of the 242 students who had applied for the examination in Nagaland. This overwhelming response underscores the significance of the SLET in the academic landscape of the region.

The successful candidates of the SLET exam will be eligible for recruitment as Assistant Professors in the state of Nagaland, as well as in other states of North East India. SLET serves as an alternative examination to the National Eligibility Test (NET), providing opportunities for qualified individuals to contribute to the academic sphere. Prof. Patnaik emphasized the importance of such initiatives in promoting academic excellence and fostering a conducive environment for research and teaching in Nagaland. He expressed his optimism for the future as Nagaland continues to strive towards academic advancement and excellence.

The successful conduct of the SLET exam in Nagaland marks a significant step forward in the academic journey of the state, opening doors of opportunity for aspiring educators and researchers.

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