Childhood friends Imyangluba Lemtur and Longdang Imti Imchen opened A&A Bar, a fruit juice and ice cream destination, on May 28 in Sangtemla Ward, near HDFC Bank, Mokokchung. They envision it as a space where friends and families, particularly from the middle class, can gather and have a good time.

juice bar

Noting the middle class’s desire for affordable options, they priced their offerings to be inclusive. “Our prices aren’t based on class; they’re set so everyone can enjoy our items at reasonable rates,” shared Lemtur and Imchen with Mokokchung Times.

The duo also felt that a place where friends and family can hang out was ‘uncommon’ for Mokokchung which prompted them to open the bar.

bar juice
Longdang Imti Imchen & Imyangluba Lemtur

Furthermore, they said, one of their main objectives was also to support local farmers in villages as well as the students. “We will provide organic fruit juice which is healthier and at the same time we will buy locally-grown fruits from local farmers. For instance, we have bought bananas from farmers in Longjang Village,” they said.

Additionally, they expressed their intention to hire local youth and provide part-time opportunities for students during weekends or free hours. “Given our financial conditions, we may not be able to provide much but we are willing to help the youths in earning something or the other,” they said.

Acknowledging their status as novice entrepreneurs, they discussed their aspirations to expand with more franchises if their initial venture proves successful. They also expressed gratitude towards their families and well-wishers for their support in setting up the bar.

“We have been planning to set this up two years back and our families and well-wishers have helped us a lot in setting up the bar,” they added.

As they embark on this new journey, they welcome feedback from patrons to continually improve and ensure customer satisfaction. They encourage individuals to embrace humility, disregard social standards, and support local businesses.

Highlighting the issue of educated unemployment, Yanglu remarked, “You may be unemployed, but never jobless,” urging individuals to utilize their talents for earning opportunities rather than remaining idle.

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