Mokokchung, 8 November (MTNews): In a commendable step towards healing and unity, the Chuchuyimpang Village Council, Mokokchung and Longchang Village Council, Mon have come together to reach a peaceful resolution, promoting reconciliation and forgiveness following a tragic murder case.

“Joint meeting between Chuchuyimpang Village Council and Longchang Village Council held on 07/11/2023 at Hotel Magnus Mokokchung in accordance with the invitation of Ringanger Putu Tatar Menden on 27/10/23,” the title of the agreement reached between the two villages read, a copy of which was made available to this newspaper.

“This meeting was convened on account of murder case that occurred on 17 October 2023, whereby Late Longshang Konyak of Longchang Village was murdered by Shri Moasangba Jamir of Chuchuyimpang Village at Metsuben Resort,” it read.

The meeting was held in a spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness, with both villages acknowledging the gravity of the incident and expressing their commitment to moving forward together.
“This agreement is reached in the spirit of reconciliation and forgiveness between Chuchuyimpang and Longchang Village following a tragic incident of murder case of Late Longshang Konyak,” the agreement read.

As per the agreement reached, “The Longchang Village Council accepted the Chuchuyimpang Village Council’s sincere apology to the victim’s family and Longchang public in general for that tragic incident, condemning the act of crime by one of their members, Shri Moasangba Jamir.”

In a gesture of forgiveness, the Longchang Village Council, guided by Christian principles, decided to extend forgiveness.

“As apologized by the Chuchuyimpang Village Council and family members of the accused, henceforth, the Longchang Village Council with Christian spirit has determined to forgive the perpetrator with a contingency that such incident will not be repeated in near future,” the agreement read. “In the event of reoccurrence of such incident of same nature, the perpetrator and kins shall be liable to bear all responsibilities in accordance with the provision of laws,” it added.

Both villages pledged to refrain from seeking revenge or engaging in any form of violence related to the incident. They also agreed to maintain peace and harmony between the two villages in the future.

The agreement was made in the presence of Eastern Nagaland People’s Union Mokokchung (ENPUM) and Konyak Union, Mokokchung Branch as witnesses.

The signatories of the agreement included Tiasangla, wife of Moasangba; Ngeshe Konyak, nephew of Late Longshang Konyak; Y Among Yimkhiung, President ENPUM; Woknyei Konyak, President, KU Mokokchung Branch; Temsumoa Imsong, Chairman, Chuchuyimpang Village Council; and S Taiwang, Chairman, Longchang Village Council.

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