It has come to the notice of the Civil Society Organization Mangkolemba that the NDPP Mokokchung Region through their President has written to the Returning Officer 29 Jangpetkong A/C labelling multiple unsubstantiated allegations against “certain Mangkolemba based civil organizations”, which has gone viral on certain social media platforms and has tarnished the image of the CSOs/NGOs of Mangkolemba in particular and the people of Mangkolemba in general.


The party has alleged that these organizations issue and enforce arbitrary orders in the town during elections. It may be mentioned that no such orders have been enforced by any organization without the knowledge and consultation of the district/sub-divisional administration. Further, there are various CSOs/NGOs in Mangkolemba and every single entity by whatever name they are known is only working for the upliftment and peaceful coexistence of the people in the town and good faith. Moreover, concerning the upcoming assembly elections in Nagaland, the CSOs including the 9 ward councils in consultation with the administration have adopted a resolution solely to conduct clean, free, and fair elections in the town.


The party also alleged that these Mangkolemba based organizations are “banning the entry and movement of non-residents in the town”. However, it may be clarified that no such arbitrary orders are in place except for the fact that the aforementioned resolution and as mentioned in clause (5) of the resolution which categorically states that non-residents in an overnight stay or extended stay should inform the respective local ward authorities.


Moreover, the allegation that these organizations are taking undue advantage of such a resolution is totally baseless and disproportionate. It is noteworthy that there has been no candidate from Mangkolemba town for the past 74 years of its existence and that none of the organizations has ever extended support or endorsed any particular candidate or political party. Likewise, to say that a “candidate from elsewhere” is intimated or hindered by such resolutions is out of the question.


The party furthermore alleged that “local thugs” are “issuing verbal warnings to select residents” and that similar incidents have been “reported even during last elections”. Without denying the fact that elections in Nagaland have been violent in many places, and that Mangkolemba is not an exception, and that was the sole reason for forming an all-encompassing organization called the Civil Society Organization, Mangkolemba, including the various NGOs, ward councils, women organization, youth organization, students’ union, and the church, spearheading the Clean Election Campaign. As a result, the elections in town have been peaceful since the previous two elections, and no untoward incident as alleged has been reported. Likewise, we are stunned by such an allegation made against the organization by such a major State party as the NDPP, even to the extent of generalizing and labelling the organization, including the church, and the people of Mangkolemba as “thugs.” Hence, we would like to question the wisdom of the party and its leadership as to when and where such incidents were reported or when we initiated, supported, endorsed, or encouraged such actions in the town or elsewhere.


As such, the CSO, Mangkolemba strongly appeals to all right-thinking citizens to condemn such unfounded allegations on the part of the party. Further, we demand an unconditional apology from the NDPP Mokokchung Region for distorting facts and tarnishing the image of the organization and the people of Mangkolemba. Otherwise, the organization will take its own course of action as deemed fit. In the event of any untoward incidents arising out of these allegations, the NDPP shall be held solely responsible.



CSO Mangkolemba

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