Mokokchung, 13 August (MTNews): Manipur’s Chief Minister, N Biren Singh, underscored the gradual return to normalcy in the state, citing a decline in instances of violence over the recent days. Speaking at the 132nd Patriots’ Day observance at BT Park in Imphal West district on 13 August, an event orchestrated by the Manipur Government, CM Singh stressed the vital role that collective support from all segments of society plays in surmounting the ongoing challenges.


Biren Singh


Chief Minister Biren Singh expressed his optimism, stating, “I’m delighted to report that peace is making a gradual comeback to Manipur. We require the support of every section to put an end to the current crisis. I appeal to the people of the state to cooperate in rejecting violence.”


He went on to disclose the state government’s strategy to relocate displaced individuals to newly erected prefabricated houses, commencing on 15 August. These houses have been built at three different locations. Additionally, permanent houses will be constructed for those whose properties were completely vandalized or destroyed.


In addressing the existing crisis, Singh drew attention to the establishment of a high-level committee. He called upon the people of the state to abstain from resorting to violent activities and instead focus on addressing issues through dialogue.


“Unrest has inflicted significant loss of lives and property on our state. There is no benefit to be gained from unrest, so I urge people to extend their cooperation in curbing violence,” he urged.


Sadness, anger won’t go away so easily: Rahul Gandhi on Manipur violence

The continuing violence in the northeastern state of Manipur is disturbing and needs to be stopped immediately, said Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday.


He said the violence in the state was a direct result of a particular type of politics of division, hatred and anger.


“So, it is important to keep everyone together as a family,” said Gandhi, who was on a two-day visit to Kerala.


The wounds inflicted as a result of the violence would take many years to heal, said Gandhi at an event after laying the foundation stone of the Community Disability Management Center (CDMC) at St Joseph High School Auditorium in Kodenchery in Kozhikode.


“The sadness and anger will not go away so easily,” he added.


He also said that the violence in Manipur was a lesson to him on what happens when you use politics of division, hatred and anger in a state.


Gandhi was on a visit to Kerala for the first time after his reinstatement as MP of Wayanad.


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