Congress recommend nonpartisan ULB election

Mokokchung, March 15 (MTNews): The Indian National Congress (INC) candidates held a ‘post-mortem meeting’ to introspect on their overall performance in the recent Nagaland assembly elections and discuss the notified Urban Local Bodies (ULB) election.


A press release from the Communications Department of the Nagaland Pradesh Congress Committee (NPCC) said that the party, having been humbled by the election verdict, “has lost moral authority to voice again on issues of public interest.” It said that the rejection of the Congress’ election manifesto by the majority has silenced the party.


“In such a situation, we have considered about the opposition-less government. Opposition-less Govt is undemocratic. It gives absolute power to corrupt absolutely with no questions on shameless, selfish looters openly demanding commissions on all development projects, indulgence in backdoor appointments and misuse of public offices,” the Congress party observed.


As such, the INC candidates recommended that Congress should continue to act as a constructive opposition even though outside the House, it said.


“The meeting also appealed to the small ruminant elite socialites and clergies to be more serious. It is time the elites understand the madness of the multitude over money and power which is endangering the existence of Nagaland and its society,” it also said.


On the ULB elections, the meeting recommended ‘nonpartisan democracy election’. “This means political parties will not award tickets. It means the ward/constituency leaders would select/elect moral leaders to represent the wards through consensus and cooperation. There will be no opposition or ruling but every member will have the right to voice in the process of decision-making without party backing. The decisions will be the conscience of the majority,” it explained.


“We believe this will change the entire situation and bring clean governance at the grassroots levels. The issue will be further discussed. The meeting has decided to take the matter forward with the Govt., all political parties and Civil Societies including the Church,” it was informed.


The meeting also decided to recommend doing away with ‘Tax on land and building’ under the Nagaland Municipal Act, 2001 and finding out other resources, it said.
Meanwhile, the Congress party acknowledged and expressed gratitude to all the party workers, supporters and well-wishers who stood firm despite all adverse conditions, saying that the Congress party and its candidates fought for reasons they believe in.


“We are also sorry for the shortcomings and for all the Congress workers who have failed in their duties and even played negative roles,” it added. The INC candidates also decided to remain resolutely united in promoting and strengthening Congress. The meeting also expressed the need to team together with positive thinkers.

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